2010 In Music – 1,000+ Good Albums

This has been a mammoth undertaking, and it has occupied way too much of my life.  I hope you enjoy it:

Happy New Year, everyone!

It is now so easy and inexpensive to record and distribute music that far too many albums are released each week for anyone to hear them all.  I thought if I organized and listed all the bands with good 2010 albums I’ve heard this year it might be helpful to others.

My list differs from other year-end lists in three important ways:

Europe – Since the internet gives everyone around the world instant access to all albums released anywhere, it makes no sense for these other lists to ignore albums released in Europe but not the U.S.  Their probable justification, that there is no point listening to and recommending albums that are not available here, is nonsensical and silly.  Albums released only in Europe are instantly available for us to hear, and to buy as downloads, just like American releases.  Since I haven’t discriminated against or ignored Europe-only releases, this list includes a lot of great music missing from other year-end lists.

Finding Quality Via Quantity – Most year-end lists include a limited number of albums.  Does anyone seriously think there are only a few albums released each year that are worth recommending and hearing?  I’ve attempted to include every good album released this year, not just an inherently arbitrary Best Of.  You might conclude from scanning this list that I heard every indie album released.  Didn’t happen – not even close.  In 2010 I proved conclusively, once again, that no one can hear everything that comes out.

I tried to listen to every 2010 album that got substantial press attention.  As a result, any  well-known album not listed below is likely missing because I don’t think it’s worth your time.  Examples of artists that released poor 2010 albums include Against Me!, Alexisonfire, Angels & Airwaves, Sara Bareilles, Susan Boyle, Citizen Cope, Miley Cyrus, Five For Fighting, Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches), Hot Hot Heat, Norah Jones, Matt & Kim, I Blame Coco (Eliot Sumner, daughter of Sting), M.I.A. (Maya Arulpragasam), Ra Ra Riot, Robyn, Simian Mobile Disco, Sufjan Stevens (The Age Of Adz was bad, while All Delighted People was good), Sugarland, Stone Sour (Corey Taylor of Slipknot), Avey Tare (David Portner of Animal Collective), Tired Pony (Pete Buck & Scott McCaughey of R.E.M.), Trapt, Kanye West.  The common thread among many of these weak albums is their one-dimensionality, sounding the same throughout – how boring is that?  In some cases you wonder whether the artist fell asleep in the studio, or suffered from “obsessive-compulsive repetitious disorder”.

Twentieth-Century Coverage – Other year-end lists copy each other so much they generally include the same albums by the same new artists, and completely ignore albums by artists who’ve been around a while.  Since I don’t ignore older artists (not trusting folks over 30 is such a dated, 60s idea), this list includes categories for artists who made their mark in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, along with categories for well-known 90s artists.  Maybe those other lists only care about New Bands That Self-Proclaimed Trendsetters Decide Are Cool.

So, onward to my list of all artists that released 2010 albums worth hearing:

1.  Given how difficult it is to keep all this information and music straight, I haven’t even attempted to deal with the names of the albums.  Thus, listed below is just the band name, without the album title.  The internet of course makes it easy to discover the name of, and listen to, any of these 2010 albums.

2.  None of these albums are included because of just one song.  I’ve listened to each album at least twice all the way through (well, maybe not all the poor albums listed at the end), and would gladly listen to each again in the future.

3.   When at least two band members release solo albums or side projects, I’ve listed them in a separate category named for the band, which also lists the band’s own album if applicable.  I’ve also listed all-stars who released good albums with more than one band this year.

The bands in each category are listed in alphabetical order.  We begin with my Top 10 albums of the year, and at the bottom is the full list of my choices as the best albums of the year, along with some awards.  I hope you enjoy reading this, expanding your musical horizons, and discovering some great new stuff!

My 2010 Top 10

Amusement Parks On Fire
The Fall
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Voice of The Seven Thunders
Wow & Flutter


Allo Darlin’
Antony & The Johnsons (for both Swanlights and Thank You For Your Love)
Arctic Monkeys

Bad Lieutenant (Bernard Sumner of Joy Division/New Order)
A Bad Think (Michael Marquart of A Flock Of Seagulls)
A Band Of Bees
Blood Red Shoes
British Sea Power
Cherry Ghost
The Clap
The Clientele
The Coral
The Courteeners
Crippled Black Phoenix – prog-rock
The Crookes
The Drums
Everybody Was In The French Resistance … Now! (Eddie Argos of Art Brut)
Everything Everything
Field Music
The Futureheads
Goldheart Assembly
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – alt-country
Good Shoes
The Hotrats (Gaz Coombes and Danny Guffey of Supergrass)
I Am Kloot
The Magic Numbers
Mt. Desolation (Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quinn of Keane)
Mystery Jets
Peggy Sue
Scouting For Girls
Sky Larkin
Special Benny
The Strange Death Of Liberal England
Summer Camp (not the same-named 90s California band)
Tender Trap
These New Puritans
Trus’ Me (David Wolstencroft) – solo – funk
Wild Beasts


Danbert Nobacon (Nigel Hunter) – solo

Roxy Music

Brian Eno – solo
Bryan Ferry – solo


Laetitia Sadier – female solo
England Post-Punk

Amusement Parks On Fire

Archie Bronson Outfit
Lonelady (Julie Campbell) – female solo

England Psychedelic Rock

Band Of Skulls

Voice Of The Seven Thunders (Rick Tomlinson of Voice Of The Seven Woods) – solo
Wolf People
England Psych-Folk

Anna Kashfi (named after Marlon Brando’s first wife)
Danny And The Champions Of The World
Erland & The Carnival (Simon Tong of Blur)
Johnny Flynn – solo
Lone Wolf (Paul Marshall) (not one of the same-named France or Chicago metal bands) – solo
Tom McRae – solo
Smoke Fairies
Peggy Sue
Turin Brakes
The Wishing Tree (Steve Rothery of Marillion)
James Yuill – solo

England Experimental

Chrome Hoof
The Irrepressibles
65daysofstatic (not a typo)

England Cross-Cultural

Bellowhead (Medieval)
Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons (Indian)

England Garage Rock

The Contrast
The Len Price 3
Male Bonding
The Thermals
Trash Kit

England Soul

Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris (tribute to Mavis Staples)
Vanessa ‘V.V. Brown’ – female solo
Grosvenor (Rob Smoughton of Hot Chip) – solo
Jamie Lidell – solo
Mamas Gun
Corinne Bailey Rae – female solo
‘Rox’ Roxanne Tataei – female solo

England Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Audio Bully

The Bug (Kevin Martin) – solo
Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip (Daniel Stephens & David Meads)
Darkstar (not one of the same-named 90s England or U.S. bands)
Forest Swords (Matt Barnes) – solo
Gorillaz! (Damon Albarn of Blur)
Groove Armada
Hot Chip
Munch Munch
New Young Pony Club
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Mark Ronson & The Business International – solo
Silver Columns
Sisters Of Transistors (Graham Massey of 808 State)
Zoon Van Snook (Alec Snook) – solo
We Have Band
N.J. ‘Whitey’ – solo

England Male Solo

Badly Drawn Boy (Damon Gough)
Carl Barat (The Libertines)

James Blackshaw
Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (Sam Duckworth)
Ed Harcourt
‘Fyfe Dangerfield’ Hutchins (of Guillemots)
Richard Hawley (Pulp)
Tim Kasher
Lightspeed Champion (Devonte Hynes) (for both Bye Bye and Life Is Sweet)
James McCartney (son of Paul)
Kele Okereke (Bloc Party)
Paul Smith (Maximo Park)
Thomas White (The Brakes)
Joe Worricker

England Female Solo

Rose Elinor Dougall
Karen Elson (wife of Jack White)
Laura Marling
Kate Nash
Emma ‘Scout Niblett’

Gemma Ray (covers of obscure blues songs)


American Men
Codeine Velvet Club (Jon Lawlor of The Fratellis)
Errors – synth
Frightened Rabbit
Steve Mason (Beta Band)
North Atlantic Oscillation
Trembling Bells – psych-folk
The Unwinding Hours

Scotland Post-Punk

Broken Records
The Phantom Band
We Were Promised Jetpacks


Los Campesinos!
Marina (Diamandis) And The Diamonds – female solo

Northern Ireland

And So I Watch You From Afar – experimental
Duke Special (Peter Wilson) – solo
Two Door Cinema Club


The Glass (not one of the 4 same-named U.S. bands)
Fionn Regan – solo
Shit Robot (Marcus Lambkin) – solo – synth


All Missing Pieces

The Anacondas
Belly Says
Bombay Show Pig
Brown Feather Sparrow
The Bullfight
Chinup (not the same-named U.S. indie band)
Denvis & The Real Deal
‘Giovanca’ Desire – female solo – soul
Tommy Ebben & The Small Town Villains
Fruit Of The Original Sin – industrial
Garcia Goodbye
Go Back To The Zoo
The Heights
Houses (not the same-named U.S. band listed later)
Metro Mortale
MOCT (Men Of Considerable Taste) – blues-rock
Moke (not the same-named 90s England band) (with the classical Metropole Orchestra)
New Cool Collective Big Band – jazz
No Blues – cross-cultural (Arabic)
El Pino & The Volunteers
Pop Up Animal Kids
The Rudolfs
Shane Shu
Shrinking Godspeed – psychedelic rock
Solex (Elisabeth Esselink), Jon Spencer (of his Blues Explosion), Christina Martinez
Star One – prog-metal
That Band From Holland
The Tunes (not one of the same-named Germany or U.S. bands)
The Van Jets
We Be Naked

Netherlands Post-Punk

AC Berkheimer
People Get Ready

Space Siren

Netherlands Alt-Country

Beans & Fatback
The Pedro Delgados
Lea – female solo

Netherlands Psych-Folk

Amarins & Le Gatte Negre
Blaudzun (Johannes Sigmund) – solo
John Carrie and Moor Green
Het Gloren (Floris Schrama) – solo
Homemade Empire (Bart De Kroon) – solo
I Am Oak (Thijs Kuijken) – solo
ME (Minco Eggersman) – solo
Praise The Twilight Sparrow
Bart Van Der Lee – solo

Netherlands Experimental

Rosa Ensemble

Netherlands Hard Rock

Drive Like Maria
The Mad Trist
Malle Pietje And The Bimbos

Netherlands Reggae

‘Maikal X’ Parkinson – solo
The Upsessions

Netherlands Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Baskerville (not the same-named New York band)

The Benelux
Seymour Bits (Bas Bron) – solo
Boom Boom Du Terre (Jornt Jan Bras) – solo
Crookram (Chris Angelovski) – solo
Sander Kleinenberg
TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos
Martyn (Martijn Deijkers) – solo
(Never Mind The) Stars
Palbomen (KaiHugo) – solo
The Q4

Netherlands Male Solo

Arthur Adam (Ten Cate)
Eckhardt (Rik Eistgeest)

‘Hartog’ Eysman
Hunter Complex (Lars Meijer)
John Dear Mowing Club – (Melle De Boer)
Tim Knol
Harm ‘Goslink’ Kuiper
Lucky Fonz III (Otto Wichers)
Case Mayfield
Mr A. Balladeer (Marinus De Goederen)
‘Joast’ Joost Oskamp
Joep Pelt
Sir Ian (Bart Hoevenaars of Dutch band Mono)
Zea (Arnold De Boer)

Netherlands Female Solo

Caro Emerald (Caroline Van Der Leeuw)
Flux (Irene Wiersma)
Lilian Hak
Roos Jonker
Janne ‘Schradinova’ Schra


The Bear That Wasn’t
The Black Box Revelation – garage
Blackie & The Oohoo’s
Boston Tea Party
Broken Glass Heroes (Tim Vanhamel)
Customs – post-punk
Flying Horseman
Freaky Age

Admiral Freebie (Tom Van Laere) – solo
The Go Find
Charlie Jones’ Big Band – blues rock
Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat (Stef Irritant) – solo – psych-folk
Marble Sounds
Sopha – funk
The Sore Losers
Tape Tum
The Tellers
Belgium Post-Punk

Belgium Funk

BRZZVLL (not the same-named U.S. cross-cultural band Brazzaville)
Belgium Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Aeroplane (Vito Deluca) (not one of the same-named England or Germany bands) – solo
Styrofoam (Arne Van Petegem) – solo
‘Stijn’ Vandeputte – solo

Belgium Female Solo

Dorleac (Geike Arnaert of Hooverphonic)
An Pierle & White Velvet


Burzum – metal
Jaga Jazzist (includes 2 members of The National Bank) – experimental
Serena Maneesh – post-punk
Silje Nes – female solo
Spirits Of The Dead – psychedelic rock

Norway Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

(Hans-Peter) Lindstrom & Christabelle (Solale)
‘Prins Thomas’ Hermansen – solo


Alarma Man
The Amazing
The Concretes
Dag For Dag
The Flare-Up
Ghost – hard rock

Junip (Jose Gonzalez)
The Knife (rock-opera based on Darwin’s The Origin Of Species)
Love Is All
Marching Band
New Found Land
Daniel Norgren – solo – garage
Pain Of Salvation – prog rock
Shout Out Louds
Surrounded – post-punk
The Tiny
Tutankhamen (members of Shout Out Louds and Peter Bjorn And John)
Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Sweden Psych-Folk

First Aid Kit
Hellsongs (covers of metal classics)

Sweden Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Ceo (Eric Berglund) – solo
Swedish House Mafia

Sweden Male Solo

Andi Almqvist
Nicolai Dunger

Last Days Of April (Karl Larsson)
The Tallest Man on Earth (Kristian Matsson) (for both Sometimes The Blues and The Wild Hunt)

Sweden Female Solo

Nina Kinert
Jeanette Lindstrom
Moon & Sun (Monica Tormell)

Britta Persson
Elin Ruth Sigvardsson
Jenny Wilson


Disco Ensemble – hard rock
Husky Rescue


Annasaid – post-punk
I Got You On Tape
The Kissaway Trail
Lars And The Hands Of Light

‘Teitur’ Lasson (from the Faeroe Islands, a Denmark colony) – solo
My Bubba & Mi – psych-folk
Oh No Ono

Denmark Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Oh Land (Nanna Fabricius) – female solo
Anders ‘Trentemoller’ – solo – synth

Denmark Female Solo

Agnes Obel
Our Broken Garden (Anna Bronsted)


Olof Arnalds – female solo
FM Belfast – synth
Pascal Pinon (named after the famous ‘two-headed’ circus freak show)

Iceland Experimental

‘Jonsi’ Birgisson (Sigur Ros) – solo
For A Minor Reflection


La Caravane Passe – cross-cultural (E. Europe)
Frank (Just Frank) – post-punk

Ben L’Oncle Soul – soul
Bibi Tenga & The Selenities – funk
Yann Tiersen

France Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Sonido ‘Blundetto’ – solo
Le Peuple De L’Herbe
Zombie Zombie (covers of John Carpenter movie theme music)


Anika – female solo – post-punk
Frames (not either of the same-named Ireland or U.S. bands) – prog rock
Get Well Soon
Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann) – solo – piano
‘Oceana’ Mehlmann – female solo – soul
Saroos – experimental
The Whitefield Brothers – funk

Germany Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Autodidakt (Andres Klein) – solo
Bodi Bill
‘Ellen Allien’ Fraatz – female solo
Lali Puna
Stereo Total


Depedro (Jairo Zavala) – solo
Lonely Drifter Karen
Amparo Sanchez – female solo

Spain Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

El Guincho (Pablo Diaz-Reixa) – solo
‘Oriol’ Singhji – solo


Headman (Robi Insinna) – solo – synth
Sophie Hunger – female solo


Calibro 35 (movie themes)

A Classic Education
Sem’bro – psych-folk

Italy Male Solo

Banjo Or Freakout (Alessio Natalizia)
Marsmobil (Roberto Di Gioia)


Ekos Quartet – experimental
Larry Gus (Panagioits Melidis) – solo – experimental


Kontrust – symphonic metal


Kim Ki O

Lana Mir – female solo


Daara J Family (Senegal)

The Good Ones (Rwanda) (not the same-named Arizona artist)
Konono N1 (Congo)
Oy (Joy Frempong) (Ghana) – female solo – experimental
Solvent (Jason Amm) (Zimbabwe) – solo – synth
Kae Sun (Kwaku Darko-Mensah) – solo


Ali Farka Toure & Tiamani Diabete


Asa (Bukola Elemido) – female solo
‘King Sunny Ade’ Adeniya
South Africa

Blk Jks (similar to TV On The Radio)
Boo! – synth
The Parlotones


The Cat Empire

Eddy Current Suspension Ring
I Heart Hiroshima
Karnivool – prog rock
Angus & Julia Stone – psych-folk
Tame Impala – psychedelic rock

Australia Post-Punk

The Black Ryder
Grinderman (aka Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Australia Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Club Feet
Midnight Juggernauts

Australia Male Solo

Ry Cuming
Ernest Ellis
Horse Stories (Toby Burke)
Gareth Liddiard (The Drones)

Xavier Rudd
Paul Turner

Australia Female Solo

Sarah Blasko

Johanna (Cranitch) And The Dusty Floor
Julia Stone

New Zealand

Lawrence Arabia (James Milne) – solo
The Ruby Suns – synth

Surf City – garage


Hanggai – cross-cultural (Mongolian)


Joyo Velarde – female solo


Seu Jorge (Mario Da Silva) & Almaz
Garotas Suecas


Datapanik (Aruba) – synth

Gyptian (Delwin Edwards) (Jamiaca) – solo – reggae
Carla Morrison (Mexico) – female solo


The Acorn
Arcade Fire
The Besnard Lakes
The Birthday Massacre – prog-metal
Black Mountain
Born Ruffians
Elephant Stone
Frazey Ford – female solo – alt-country

Frog Eyes (Carey Mercer of Destroyer)
Gigi (Nick Krgovich of No Kids and P:ano [sic]) – garage
Hot Panda
Land Of Talk
Declan McGarry – southern rock
The Most Serene Republic – post-punk
Plants And Animals
The Russian Futurists
Meaghan Smith – female solo
Tokyo Police Club
We Are Wolves
Wolf Parade (Spencer Krug of Sunset Rubdown)
Yukon Blonde

Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies
Steven Page – solo

Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene
Jason Collett – solo
K.C. Accidental (Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin)

The New Pornographers

Kathryn Calder – female solo
The New Pornographers
Canada Psych-Folk

Basia Bulat – female solo
Postdata (Paul Murphy of Wintersleep) – solo
Siskiyou (2 guys from Great Lakes Swimmers)
Leif Vollebekk – solo

Canada Experimental

Diamond Rings (John O’Regan) – solo
Holy F**k
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra


Canada Garage

The Demon’s Claws
PS I Love You
Mark Sultan – solo

Canada Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

Akido (Kim Gabourey) – solo
Caribou (Dan Snaeth) – solo
Crystal Castles
Chilly Gonzales (Jason Beck) – solo
Small Sins (Thomas D’Arcy) – solo

Canada Male Solo

Luke Doucet
Jeremy Fisher
Owen Pallett (for both Heartland and A Swedish Love Story)

Athens, GA

Dead Confederate – psychedelic rock
Drive-By Truckers

Elf Power
The Futurebirds – psych-folk
Kylesa (Savannah) – metal
Modern Skirts
Of Montreal
The Whigs – garage
Athens Post-Punk

Twin Tigers

Athens Alt-Country

Phosphorescent (Matthew Houck) (now in N.Y.) – solo
‘Jason Aldean’ Williams (Macon) – solo


Cody Chesnutt – solo – soul
Abby Gogo – post-punk
Bad Books (Manchester Orchestra, with Kevin Devine)
Zac Brown Band – alt-country
Gringo Star
Last November
Mastodon – prog-metal
Sun Domingo
Atlanta Female Solo
Kaki King
Shannon Wright

U.S. Indie
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)
Avi Buffalo
Band Of Horses
Bear In Heaven
Black Dub (Daniel Lanois)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Broken Bells (Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley and James Mercer of The Shins)
Call Me Lightning
Cold War Kids
Colour Revolt
Cool Genius
Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
Darker My Love
Delta Spirit
The Dig
Dr. Dog
The Drums
Eagle Seagull
The 88
Emanuel And The Fear
Fake Problems
Fang Island
Free Energy
Future Islands
The Gay Blades
Girls (not the same-named 80s England hard rock band)
Grand Mal
Grandchildren (not the same-named Canada ska band)
Here We Go Magic
Hooray For Earth
Nick Jonas & The Administration
Jukebox The Ghost
Kings Of Leon
Leland Sundries
Light Pollution
Local Natives
The Lovely Forest
Magic Kids
Magnetic Island (used to be called Renminbi)
Maps & Atlases
Margot And The Nuclear So And So’s
Meeting Of Important People
Miniature Tigers
Minus The Bear
The Morning Benders
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
Murder By Death
My Jerusalem (Rick Nelson of The Polyphonic Spree)
The National
New Idea Society
Phantom Buffalo
Portugal.  The Man
Redstone Hall
Retribution Gospel Choir
Rogue Wave
The Routine
Shoulders Of Giants
The Silver Seas
Small Black
The Soft Pack
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Star & Micey
Steel Train
Sun Airway
Surfer Blood
Tangents (Derek Kurswill of Unearth) (not the same-named band from Athens, GA, N.Y., or Eng.)
The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
Thorcraft Cobra
Vampire Weekend
Wakey! Wakey!
The Walkmen
We Are Scientists
The Whiskers (the one from Connecticut, not California)
White Rabbits
Wovenhand (David Edwards of 16 Horsepower)
Xiu Xiu
The Young Veins (2 guys from Panic! At The Disco)

U.S. Indie – Female Vocals

Admiral Radley (Jason Lytle of Grandaddy)
Apache Beat
Azure Ray
Beach House
Best Coast
The Bird And The Bee (Inara George, daughter of Lowell) (all covers of Hall & Oates)

Buke And Gass (named after their baritone ukelele and guitar-bass hybrid)
The Chapin Sisters (Abigail and Lily, daughters of Tom)
Christy (Edwards) & Emily (Manzo)
Cotton Jones
Dominant Legs (Ryan Lynch of Girls)
Elk City
The Ettes
Fol Chen
Girl In A Coma (mostly covers of rock classics)
Gospel Music (Owen Holmes of Black Kids)
Happy Birthday
High Places
The Hundred In The Hands
Kitten (not the same-named 90s Canada band)
Jenny (Lewis of Rilo Kiley) And Johnny (Johnathan Rice)
The Like
Lovers (not the same-named France synth band)
Lower Dens
Mates Of State
Naked Hearts
Now Now
The Postmarks
Quasi (Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney)
School Of Seven Bells
Secret Cities
She & Him (Zooey Deschanel & M.Ward)
Sonny & The Sunsets
Twin Sister (not the same-named 90s Oregon band)
Von Haze
The Watson Twins
Wye Oak

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Dreamend (Ryan Graveface) – solo – psychedelic rock
Tobacco (Tom Fec) – solo – synth

Bon Iver

Sean ‘S. Carey’ – solo – psych-folk
Gayngs (members of Bon Iver and Megafaun) – psych-folk

Foo Fighters

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants – solo
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders – hard rock

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady
Franz Nicolay – solo

Brad Laner – solo
Radar Brothers (Jim Putnam)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Mini Mansions (Michael Schuman)
Sweethead (Troy Van Leeuwen) – hard rock

U.S. Post-Punk

Abe Vigoda (named after the actor)

Ceremony (2 guys from Skydrive, after 3rd guy left to form A Place To Bury Strangers)
Crocodiles (not the same-named 80s New Zealand band)
Film School
Former Ghosts (members of Xiu Xiu and Zola Jesus)
Grass Widow
Mi Ami
Moon Duo (Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips)
A Place To Bury Strangers
The Upsidedown
The War On Drugs
Weekend (not the same-named Canada band)
Wow & Flutter

U.S. Psychedelic Rock

The Black Angels
Endless Boogie
The Fresh & Onlys
Salem (not the same-named Israel metal band)
Sleepy Sun

Gary War (Greg Dalton) – solo
Wooden Shjips

U.S. Alt-Country

Brent Amaker & The Rodeo

American Aquarium
Kasey Anderson – solo
Angel Band
Tim Barry – solo
Diane Birch & The Phenomenal Handclap Band (covers of Goth classics, including J.Division)
Cadillac Sky
Chatham County Lines
Court Yard Hounds (Emily Robison and Martie Maguire of Dixie Chicks)
The Duke & The King (Simone Felice of The Felice Brothers)
Justin Townes Earle – solo
‘Joey & Rory’ Feek (husband/wife)
Robert Francis – solo
Gwyneth (Moreland) & (Michael) Monko
Hayseed Dixie (includes bluegrass covers of Bohemian Rhapsody and Won’t Get Fooled Again)
Jamey Johnson – solo
JP [Jones], Chrissie (Hynde of The Pretenders) & The Fairground Boys
Kort (Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell)
Lady Antebellum (Charles Kelley, brother of Josh)
Tift Merritt – female solo
Alison Moorer (sister of Shelby Lynne, wife of Steve Earle) – female solo
Railroad Earth
Reckless Kelly
The .357 String Band
Tumbledown (Mike Herrera of MxPx)
Uncle Kracker (Matthew Shafer) – solo
Gretchen Wilson – female solo

U.S. Blues Rock

Eden Brent – female solo
Kevin Fennell (with Ray Campi)
Lance Lopez – solo
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Robert Randolph And The Family Band
‘Seasick Steve’ Wold – solo

Sister Sparrow And The Dirty Birds

U.S. Southern Rock

Bo Bice – solo
JJ Grey & Mofro
Hill Country Revue (2 guys from N. Mississippi Allstars)

The Old 97’s
Ross Shifflet – solo
The Torches
Truth & Salvage Co.
Wilson’s Reservoir

U.S. Psych-Folk

The Autumn Defense (John Stirratt and Pat Sansone of Wilco)
Blitzen Trapper

Breathe Owl Breathe
Sean ‘S. Carey’ (Bon Iver) – solo
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Deer Tick
Devotionals (Tyson Vogel) – solo
Family Of The Year
Fistful Of Mercy (Dhani Harrison and Ben Harper)
Sean Flinn & The Royal We
Freelance Whales
Frontier Ruckus
Good Old War
Horse Feathers
Houses (from Chicago, not the Denver one, or the Netherlands band listed earlier)
Hurray For The Riff Raff
Dawn Landes (married to Josh Ritter) – female solo
Lost In The Trees
Mountain Man
Musee Mecanique
Nina Nastasia – female solo
Pancake Breakfast
Pearly Gate Music (Zach Tillman) – solo
Peter Wolf Crier
The Pleasants
Shearwater (Jonathan Meiburg and Will Sheff of Okkervil River)
Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore
Sun Kil Moon (Mark Kozelek of Red House Painters)
Wooden Wand (James Jackson Toth) – solo

U.S. Experimental

Album Leaf
The American Dollar

Barn Owl
Bombastic Meatbats (Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers)
The Books
William Brittelle (The Blondes)
Broughton’s Rules (guys from Don Caballero and Blunderbuss)
Julie Christmas (of Battle Of Mice and Made Out of Babies)
Clipd Beaks
David Karsten Daniels & Fight The Big Bull (setting Henry David Thoreau poems to music)
Evelyn Evelyn (Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls)
Free Moral Agents (Isaiah Owens of The Mars Volta)
Gonjasufi (Sumach Valentine) (for both The Caliph’s Tea Party and A Sufi Is A Killer) – solo
The Gypsy Nomads
High Places
Zach Hill (Hella) – solo
Benoit Pioulard (Thomas Meluch) – solo
‘Janelle Monae’ Robinson – female solo
Sarah K. Snider (w/Shara Worden/My Brightest Diamond) (about Penelope of Homer’s Odyssey)
Red Sparowes
Sleep Whale
Six Gallery
Soft Circle (Hisham Bharoocha) – solo
Marnie Stern – female solo
Super 8-Bit Brothers
Serj Tankian (System Of A Down)
Tera Melos
Kenseth Thibideau

U.S. Cross-Cultural

Balkan Beat Box (Gypsy)
Day Of Fire
Fool’s Gold (African)
A Frames & Climax Golden Twins
Gogol Bordello (Gypsy)
Toubab Krewe (Mali, West Africa)
The Wailing Wall (Jesse Rifken) – solo

U.S Garage Rock

Black Diamond Heavies
The Black Keys
Circus Devils (Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices)
Cut In The Hill Gang
The Dashing Suns

The Dead Weather
Dum Dum Girls
Electric Tickle Machine
The Gaslight Anthem
Gasoline Silver
Legendary Shack Shakers
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
The Moondiggers
New Collisions
No Age
The Oh Sees
The Parting Gifts (Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs)
Dan Sartain – solo
Ty Segall – solo
The Strange Boys
Turbo Fruits (2 guys from Be Your Own Pet)
We Landed On The Moon!

U.S. Hard Rock

American Sixgun

Batusis (Cheetah Chrome of The Dead Boys and Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls)
Black Robot (3 ex-members of Buckcherry)
Joe Bonamassa – solo
Brother Clyde (Billy Ray Cyrus)
Coheed And Cambria
Dirty Sweet
Micki Free – solo
Language Room
Les Zeppelin (female band covering Led Zep)
Lizard Skynard (Erik Sprague, aka freak artist Lizardman)
‘John 5’ Lowery (of Marilyn Manson) – solo
Off! (Keith Morris of Black Flag and Circle Jerks)
The Republic Of Wolves
Sweet Apple (J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.)
Taddy Porter (named after the beer)
Tweak Bird
12 Stones
J.Roddy Walston And The Business
White Hills
U.S. Prog-Rock
Titus Andronicus
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta) – solo
U.S. Prog-Metal


Titan (not the same-named Canada metal band)
U.S. Industrial

Circle Of Animals (Bruce Lamont of Yakuza)
Electric Six
U.S. Alt-Metal

Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) (for Rebirth, but not for I’m Not A Human Being)
Linkin Park
Street Sweeper Social Club (Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine)

U.S. Soul

Aloe Blacc (Egbert Dawkins) – solo
Cee Lo Green (Thomas Callaway of Gnarls Barkley) – solo
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Kings Go Forth
‘Eartha’ Moore – female solo
Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed – solo
‘Kelis’ Rogers – female solo
The Secret Handshake (Luis Dubuc) – solo

U.S. Funk

The Budos Band
Game Rebellion
Michael Leonhart & Avramina 7
Salvador Santana (son of Carlos) – solo

U.S. Reggae

The Expendables (not the same-named New Zealand band)
Transdub Massiv

U.S. Dance-Rock/Electro/Synth

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Active Child (Pat Grossi) – solo
Awolnation (Aaron Bruce) – solo
Bonobo (Simon Green) – solo
BT (Brian Transeau)

Class Action
Matthew Dear – solo
Flying Lotus (Stephen Ellison) (for Cosmogramma, but not for Pattern + Grid World) – solo
The Foreign Exchange (Phonte Coleman) – solo
Freeze Pop
French Horn Rebellion
Fuzz (David Streit) – solo
The Gaslamp Killer (William Bensussen) – solo
Girl Problems
Ghostland Observatory
Go Periscope
Ernest Gonzales – solo
Hey Champ
Home Video
The Internal Tulips
Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) – solo
Lazor Crystal
LCD Soundsystem (James Murphy) – solo
Le Concorde (Stephen Becker) – solo
Mackintosh Braun
The Juan MacLean (John MacLean) – solo
Maximum Balloon (Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio) – solo
Miss TK And The Revenge
The New Monarchs
Mouse Fire
Nice Nice
The Octopus Project
Outputmessage (Bernard Farley) – solo
Morgan Page – solo
Paper Tiger (John Samuels) – solo
Pictureplane (Thomas Egedy) – solo
RJD2 (Ramble Krohn) – solo
‘Rafter’ Roberts – solo
The Samps
Scissor Sisters
Shy Child
Sleigh Bells
The Superions (Fred Schneider of The B-52s)
Twin Shadow (George Lewis) – solo
Ursula 1000 (Alex Gimenos) – solo
PT Weakley
Paul White And The Purple Brain

U.S. Male Solo

Sam Amidon
Drew Andrews (of The Album Leaf)
Alex Band (of The Calling)
Dave Beck
Bleu (William McAuley)
Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley)
Barton Carroll (of Crooked Fingers)
Cars And Trains (Tom Filepp)
Coconut Records (the actor Jason Schwartzman)
Matt Costa
Dead Snares (Jeffrey Cain of Remy Zero)
Darwin Deez
Keegan Dewitt
Martin ‘Dosh’
Joshua English

Jason Falkner
Joel Firstman
Brandon Flowers (The Killers)
Donavon Frankenreiter (for both Glow and Revisited)
Brett Gleason
Jimmy Gnecco
Jarred Gorbel
Half-Handed Cloud (John Ringhofer)
Halstead (Ryan Auffenberg)
Trent Hancock
Micah P. Hinson
Matt Hires
Griffin House
Hurricane Bells (Steve Schiltz of Longwave)
Jeff Jacobs (not the guy in Foreigner)
Jeremy Jay
Roy Jay
Mason Jennings
Shooter Jennings (son of Waylon)
Alex Kemp
Ray Lamontagne And The Pariah Dogs
Dylan Leblanc
Jeremy Lynch
Marco Mahler
Raul Malo
Paul Manousos
Nick ‘Merykid’ Mery
The Moon And Her Mother (Aaron Wallace)
Matt Morris
Neil Nathan
Netherfriends (Shawn Rosenblatt)
Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti (Ariel Rosenberg)
‘Joe Pug’ Pugliese
Joshua Radin
Dax Riggs
Josh Ritter
Sore Eros (Robert Robinson)
Sufjan Stevens (for All Delighted People, but not for The Age Of Adz)
Kelley Stoltz
Toro Y Moi (Chazwick Bundick)
Matt White
Wild Nothing (Jack Tatum)
Rusty Willoughby
Pete Yorn
Young Boy (Colin Caulfield)

U.S. Female Solo

Jenni Alpert (Cameron Morantz)
Animal Prufrock (of Bitch And Animal)
Clare Burson
Ana Caravelle (Anahita Novak)
Katie Costello
Lana Del Ray (Lizzie Grant)
Glasser (Cameron Mesirow) (her mother formed 80s band Human Sexual Response)
Gold Motel (Greta Morgan of The Hush Sound)

Gregory And The Hawk (Meredith Godreau)
Melora Hardin (the actress)
Jesca Hoop
Sarah Jaffe
Liz Janes
Quinn Marston
Elizabeth ‘Lissie’ Maurus
Megan McCormick (not the TV travel host)
‘Anna Rose’ Menken
Holly Miranda
Anais Mitchell (song cycle about the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice)
The Mynabirds (Laura Burhenn of Georgie James)
Joanna Newsom
‘Sugaree’ Noel (daughter of Leon Russell)
People Eating People (Nouela Johnston)
Sara Radle (The Rentals)
Amy Regan
Mia Riddle
Kelley Ryan
Kelli Scarr
Sahara Smith
Hayley Taylor (the actress)
Sharon Van Etten
Emily Jane White
White Hinterland (Casey Dienel)
Dorothy ‘Dar Williams’
Daphne Willis
Jenny Owen Youngs
Zola Jesus (Nika Rosa Danilova)

90s Artists – good albums


The Apples In Stereo
Melissa Auf Der Maar (Hole)
Brant Bjork (Kyuss)
Blonde Redhead
Brandon Boyd (Incubus)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket)
Buckethead (Brian Carroll)
Built To Spill
California Guitar Trio
Cloud Cult
The Disco Biscuits
David Dondero
Drive-By Truckers
Jakob Dylan
Eels (for both End Times and Tomorrow Morning)
Ben Folds (of Ben Folds 5) & Nick Hornby (author of High Fidelity & About A Boy)
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Mary Gauthier
Gin Blossoms
John Grant (of The Czars)
Patty Griffin
Charlie Hunter
Alan Jackson
Jimmy Eat World
Freedy Johnston
Damien Jurado
Joel Kosche (Collective Soul)
Ed Kowalczyk (of the band Live)
Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) & Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian)
Jim Lauderdale
John Legend And The Roots (covers of 60s soul classics)
Les Savy Fav
Tone Lucca
Shelby Lynne
Magnetic Fields
Mice Parade
Harvey Milk (for both A Small Turn Of Human Kindness and The Bob Weston Sessions)
Steve Miller Band
Monster Magnet
Shawn Mullins
Nada Surf (covers of band’s favorite songs)
Old 97’s (for both The Grand Theatre Vol. One and Mimeograph)
Mike Patton (covers of 50s Italian pop hits)
Liz Phair
Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices)
Matt Pond PA
The Posies (includes no original members)
The Reverend Horton Heat
Josh Rouse
Kermit Ruffins
Martin Sexton
Sister Hazel
The Slackers
Tony Sly (of No Use For A Name)
Smashing Pumpkins
Stone Temple Pilots
Three Mile Pilot (Armistead Burwell of Pinback)
Trans Am
Rufus Wainwright
Butch Walker And The Black Widows (Marvelous 3)
Weezer (for both Death To False Metal and Hurley)
Widespread Panic
Hank Williams, III

Rest Of World

The Bambi Molesters
Belle & Sebastian

The Charlatans
The Chemical Brothers
Danko Jones
Paul Dempsey (of Something For Kate)
The Divine Comedy
‘Fred Eaglesmith’ Elgersma
Gone Bald
Great Big Sea
Grimm Limbo (Frank Boeijen of The Gathering)
Sarah Harmer
Fran Healy (of Travis)
The Jim Jones Revue (of Thee Hypnotics)
Kula Shaker
Manic Street Preachers
Massive Attack
The Orb & David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Placebo (all covers, including 20th Century Boy by T.Rex)
Emma Pollock (The Delgados)
Scram C Baby
Philip Selway (Radiohead)
Bettie Serveert
Todd Sharpeville (Roland Philipps)
Teenage Fanclub
13 (Dertien)
Tricky (Adrian Thaws)
Unkle (for both The Answer and Where Did The Night Fall)

90s Artists – weak albums


Christina Aguilera
Marc Anthony
Erykah Badu (Erica Wright of Soulquarious)
Big Boi (Antwan Patton of Outkast)

The Black Eyed Peas
Black Label Society
The Black Heart Procession (2 guys from Three Mile Pilot)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Mariah Carey
Nels Cline (of Wilco)
Marc Cohn (covers of pop hits from the year 1970)
Sheryl Crow
Daz Dillinger (Delman Arnaud of Tha Dogg Pound)
The Dillinger Escape Plan
D-Loc (Dustin Miller of Kottonmouth Kings)
Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
Eskmo (Brendan Angelides)
Faith Evans
Fat Joe (Joseph Cartagena)
Fear Fantasy
Jaime Foxx (Eric Bishop)
Fun Lovin’ Criminals
Ghostface Killah (Dennis Coles of Wu-Tang Clan)
Good Riddance
Macy Gray
Juliana Hatfield
Hed PE
Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson)
Jack Johnson
‘Eric Benet’ Jordan
Juvenile (Terius Gray)
Kane & Abel
Robert ‘R. Kelly’Jennifer Knapp
Less Than Jake (pop-punk covers of TV theme songs)
Lyrics Born (Tom Shimura)
‘Bilal’ Oliver (of Soulquarious)
Pink Martini
Sam Prekop (of The Sea And Cake)
‘Ceschi’ Ramos
‘Usher’ Raymond
Kim Richey
The Roots
Darius Rucker (Hootie & The Blowfish)
Slum Village
Soulive (instrumental jazz covers of Beatles hits)
Rhonda Thomas
Ultimate Fakebook
Laura Veirs
Rhonda Vincent
Wilson Phillips
Wu-Tang Clan

Rest Of World


Console (Martin Gretschmann of The Notwist)
Daft Punk (soundtrack to film Tron: Legacy)
Finger Eleven
David Gray
Matthew Herbert
Philip Jeck
Timo Maas
Damien Marley (son of Bob)
Oval (Markus Popp)
Peter Pan Speedrock
‘Shakira’ Ripoll
Roots Manuva (Rodney Smith)
The Sainte Catherines
Seal (Henry Samuel)
Skunk Anansie
Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson)
Dave ‘Tipper’
Bjorn Torske
Kate ‘KT Tunstall’ (of Tomoko)
Keith Urban

60s, 70s, 80s, Over-40 Crowd – good, worthy, interesting, “I’m glad they’re still around” albums


Laurie Anderson
Bad Religion
Big Head Todd (Mohr) And The Monsters
Elvin Bishop
David Byrne (T. Heads) & Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) (concept album about Imelda Marcos)
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Peter Case (The Plimsouls)
Johnny Cash
Judy Collins
Steve Cropper (Booker T. & The M.G.’s) & Felix Caviliere (The Rascals)
Dash Rip Rock
Doobie Brothers
The Doors
Dr. John (Mac Rebennack)
Alejandro Escovedo
Roky Erickson (of 13th Floor Elevators) With Okkervil River
David ‘Rock’ Feinstein (of Elf) (cousin of Ronnie James Dio)
The Flaming Lips (covering all of The Dark Side Of The Moon)
Lita Ford (The Runaways)
Black Francis (Frank Black of The Pixies)
Giant Sand
Goo Goo Dolls
Mike Gordon (Phish)
Buddy Guy
Merle Haggard
Jimi Hendrix
Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses)
John Hiatt
Kristian Hoffman (of Lydia Lunch and James White & The Blacks)
Jason & The Scorchers
Daniel Johnston
Robby Krieger (The Doors)
Cyndi Lauper (blues songs with famous bluesmen)
Bettye Lavette (covers of famous English classic rock songs)
Huey Lewis And The News (covers of 60s Stax classics)
Jerry Lee Lewis (covers of old classics)
Lillian Axe
Los Lobos
John Mellencamp
Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs)
Bret Michaels (Poison)
Mountain (early rarities)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Vince Neil (Motley Crue)
Willie Nelson
Mark Olson (The Jayhawks)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project (The Gun Club)
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Stan Ridgway (Wall Of Voodoo)
Lee Ritenour
Carlos Santana (covers of guitar classic rock)
Gil Scott-Heron
Southside Johnny (Lyons) And The Asbury Jukes
Ronnie Spector (Veronica Bennett)
Bruce Springsteen
Mavis Staples (The Staple Singers)
Swans (Michael Gira)
The Temptations
Jimmie Vaughan (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)
Loudon Wainwright
Jimmy Webb
Andre Williams
Gary Wilson
Peter Wolf (J.Geils Band)
Steve Wynn (The Dream Syndicate) And The Miracle 3
Neil Young
Dweezil Zappa (covers of Frank’s songs)

Rest Of World

Marc Almond (Soft Cell)
Joan Armatrading
Bachman & Turner (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
Jeff Beck
Andy Bell (Erasure)
Luka Bloom (Barry Moore, brother of Christy)
Bomb The Bass (Tim Simenon)
Boris (Japan hard rock) & Ian Astbury (The Cult)
The Chieftains (with Ry Cooder)
Edwyn Collins
Elvis Costello
Cowboy Junkies
Crowded House
Burton Cummings (The Guess Who)
Ray Davies (The Kinks) (duets with famous singers covering Kinks classics)
Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) (covers of obscure Mott The Hoople songs)
The Ex
The Fall
Peter Frampton
Steve Hackett (Genesis)
Nina Hagen
Hoodoo Gurus
Steve Howe (Yes)
Inner Circle
Iron Maiden
James (for both The Night Before and The Morning After)
Elton John & Leon Russell
Howard Jones
Tom Jones
Killing Joke
Jon Langford (The Mekons) & Skull Orchard
Martha And The Muffins
Glen Matlock (The Sex Pistols) & The Philistines
Sarah McLachlan
John McLaughlin (The Mahavishnu Orchestra)
Sergio Mendes
Modern English
Nitzer Ebb
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Ozzy Osbourne
Robert Plant
Prefab Sprout
The Scorpions
Shakespear’s Sister (Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama)
Shonen Knife
Ringo Starr
Status Quo
Steeleye Span
David Sylvian (Japan)
Richard Thompson (Fairport Convention)
Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl)
Toots (Frederick Hibbert) & The Maytals
The Vaselines (big influence on Cobain)
Paul Weller (The Jam)
Toyah Willcox
Jah Wobble (John Wardle of PiL) (Japan music, following his China music)
Ron Wood (The Faces)
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction

60s, 70s, 80s, Over-40 Crowd – dull, boring, poor, “why did they even bother?” albums


Asleep At The Wheel

Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane)
The Black Crowes
Bob Blank
Eldar ‘El Debarge’
Neil Diamond (covers of soft-rock classics)
P. Diddy (Sean Combs)
Melissa Etheridge
‘Kenny G’ Gorelick
Herbie Hancock
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 (includes Pete Buck and Scott McCaughey of R.E.M.)
Indigo Girls
Freddie Jackson
Michael Jackson
Quincy Jones
Shelby Lynne
Barry Manilow
Meat Loaf (Marvin Aday)
Pat Metheny
Lloyd Miller
Maria Muldaur
Aaron Neville
Juice Newton (Judith Cohen) (covers of soft rock classics)
The O’Jays
Donny Osmond
Marie Osmond
Brian Setzer Orchestra (Stray Cats)
Slash (Saul Hudson of Guns ‘n Roses)
Virgin Steele
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) (George Gershwin covers)
Cassandra Wilson
Charlie Wilson (The Gap Band)
Rob Zombie (Robert Cummings of White Zombie)

Rest Of World

Mulatu Astatke

Eric Clapton
Phil Collins (Genesis) (Motown/soul covers)
Stephen Egerton (of The Descendants)
Peter Gabriel (covers, done without guitar or drums)
‘Yanni’ Hrysomallis
Annie Lennox
Meat Beat Manifesto
Kylie Minogue
Olivia Newton-John
Sade (Helen Adu)
Jimmy Somerville (Bronski Beat)
Rod Stewart
Maarten Van Der Vleuten
Rick Wakeman

Worthwhile Live Albums – U.S.

All Time Low
Bad Religion – hard rock
Zac Brown Band (2009 Atlanta – Fox Theater) – southern rock
Jackson Browne & David Lindley (2006 Philadelphia)

Alice Cooper (Vincent Furnier) (2009 England – Hammersmith) – hard rock
Robert Cray (1987 Austin, TX) – blues rock
Dropkick Murphys
Flogging Molly (Los Angeles – Greek Theater) – cross-cultural
Gov’t Mule (12/31/99 Atlanta – Roxy Theater) – southern rock
Hot Tuna (2010 Baltimore) – blues rock
Chris Isaak (2008 San Francisco – Fillmore Theater)
Mason Jennings – solo
Albert King & S. Ray Vaughan (1983 Canada, TV show In Session) – blues rock
Carole King (with James Taylor)
Jonny Lang (Nashville – Ryman Auditorium) – blues rock
Lynryd Skynyrd (2007 Louisville – Freedom Hall) – southern rock
Bob Mould (of Husker Du and Sugar) (2008 NY – ATP Festival)
Poco – southern rock
Iggy Pop (1977 Cleveland – The Agora, with D.Bowie in band)
The Pretenders (2009 London)
Otis Redding (1966 Sunset Strip, L.A.) – soul
Brian Setzer (2009 Japan)
Regina Spektor (2010 London)
.38 Special (1985 New York)
The Derek Trucks Band (2009 Chicago) – blues rock
The Marshall Tucker Band (1973 San Francisco ) – southern rock
The White Stripes

Worthwhile Live Albums – Rest Of World

Jeff Beck (2010 Grammy Museum) – England

Jack Bruce (Cream) (1975 Manchester – Free Trade Hall) – England
John Cale (1983-84 Germany, TV show Rockpalast) – Wales
The Charlatans (2010 London – The Roundhouse) – England
Elvis Costello (1978 Los Angeles – Hollywood High)
The Cranberries – Ireland
Fair Warning (2010 Tokyo) – hard rock – Germany
Nina Hagen & Karl Rucker – Germany
Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator) (1992 Berlin) – England
Fran Healy & Andy Dunlop (from Travis) – Scotland
Nik Kershaw – England
Greg Lake (ELP) (1981 London) – prog rock – England
Modern English – England
Mogwai (2009 New York) – experimental – Scotland
Mott The Hoople – England
Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake & Palmer) – prog-rock – England
Graham Parker & The Figgs (2010 Connecticut) – England
Graham Parker & The Rumour (1979 San Francisco) – England
Pet Shop Boys (2009 London)
Public Image Ltd. (2009 London) – England
The Real McKenzies – acoustic Celtic Punk – Canada
Michael Schenker (1980 Manchester – Apollo Theater) – hard rock – Germany
Michael Schenker Group (1981 Germany, TV show Rockpalast) – hard rock – Germany
Ringo Starr, with R.Derringer, B.Squier, G.Wright (2008 L.A. – Greek Theater) – England
Sweet (2008 California) – hard – England
The Temper Trap (2010 Sasquatch Festival) – Australia
Therapy? – hard rock – Northern Ireland
Ultravox (2009 London – played entire albums Vienna and Return To Eden)
UFO (1980 Germany, TV show Rockpalast) – hard rock – Germany
The Weakerthans – Canada
The Who (live Greatest Hits album, recorded from 65-09) – England

Poor Live Albums

Asia (1992 Japan) – prog rock – England
The Avett Brothers (2009 Charlotte) – U.S.
Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow) (83 + 87 Castle Donington, Eng.) – hard rock – U.S.
Alan Holdsworth  (of U.K. and Gong) – jazz fusion – England

Steve Howe Trio – jazz fusion – England
‘Beyonce’ Knowles – U.S.
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (2009 Las Vegas and 2010 New York)
Megadeth (live version of Rust In Peace album)
Papa Roach – hard rock – U.S.
Peter, Paul, And Mary (Prague)
Poison – hard rock – U.S.
John Prine
Queensryche (1990 London) – hard rock – U.S.
State Radio – U.S.
Sting (Gordon Sumner) (2010 Berlin) – England
Barbra Streisand

Most Overrated And Boring Indie Band Ra Ra Riot

Most Aptly Named Band

The Weepies (also won this in 2008)  Their music is so soporific and sad.

Most Disappointing Album Of The Year

Tired Pony (members of Snow Patrol, R.E.M., and Belle & Sebastian)

Most Valuable Players, Who Released Good Albums With More Than One Band In 2010

Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys and The Parting Gifts)
Richard Colburn (Belle & Sebastian and Tired Pony)
B.Cook, P.Cook, J.Westerlund (Gayngs and Megafaun)
Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) (Broken Bells and With Sparklehorse [Mark Linkous])
Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips)
Ryan Lynch (Dominant Legs and Girls)
Robert Pollard (for 2 solo, and with Circus Devils)
Julia Stone (Solo and with brother Angus)

Fred’s Best Albums Of The Year


Broughton’s Rules
Built To Spill
Peter Case
Court Yard Hounds
Dead Snares
Endless Boogie
Alejandro Escovedo
Former Ghosts
The Gaslight Anthem
JJ Grey & Mofro
Buddy Guy
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders
The Hold Steady
Home Video
Jimmy Eat World
Kings Of Leon
LCD Soundsystem
The National
Vince Neil
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti
Red Sparowes
Toubab Krewe
Wooden Shjips
Wow & Flutter

Rest Of World

Amusement Parks On Fire
Antony & The Johnsons
Bachman & Turner
Andy Bell
Archie Bronson Outfit
The Bullfight
Crippled Black Phoenix
The Ex
The Fall
Fruit Of The Original Sin
Hot Chip
Hot Panda
Elton John & Leon Russell
The New Pornographers
The Phantom Band
The Len Price 3
Todd Sharpeville
Sisters Of Transistors
Space Siren
Surf City
Voice Of The Seven Thunders

Released Outside America And On My 2009 List, Then Released In America In 2010

Alberta Cross – England
Basement Jaxx – synth – England
Bombay Bicycle Club – England
Cornershop – England
Editors – post-punk – England
Charlotte Gainsbourg – female solo – England
Jj – Sweden
Ash Koley – female solo – Canada
Cate Le Bon – female solo – Wales
Mumford And Sons – psych-folk – England
Timber Timbre (Taylor Kirk) – solo – Canada

TV Buddhas – psychedelic rock – Israel
The Unthanks – psych-folk – England
You Say Party!  We Say Die! – synth – Canada
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